Current CMS Security Upgrade | Status : In Progress

Further to our previous email communications,

Further information regarding the security measures we have been implementing periodically to all Content Management Systems hosted with Tomahawk are as below;

We believe these measures will vastly help to reduce the likelihood of an attack, and we are working with online security specialists to employ the very latest technologies.

Each CMS login is being reinstated individually as there are some changes involved.

Therefore if you encounter any errors accessing your admin section of the CMS, please alert us by emailing the email address or raise your request here on the panel above.

When your CMS access is restored, you will notice an additional “ReCaptcha” field which asks you to enter a short series of numbers/letters as shown in an image before logging in. This tests whether you are human. If you try to login with the wrong details 5 consecutive times in a row (including an incorrect password), the CMS will prevent you from trying again for one hour.

We ask that when access has been restored, please log in and take the time to change your password. This can be done in the user section of the CMS. We recommend a minimum of 8 characters, made up of a combination of letters, numbers and at least one punctuation mark.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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